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Setting Up a New Faculty Mac Workstation (Tiger)

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On the workstation:

  1. Boot and enter the following information when prompted:
    1. First Name: Department of Performance Studies
    2. Last Name: College of Liberal Arts
    3. Address: TAMU 4240
    4. 304 Academic Building
    5. City/State/ZIP: College Station, TX 77843-4240
    6. Email address: perftech@tamu.edu
    7. Phone: 979-845-3355
    8. Company: Texas A&M University
  2. Internet connection information:
    1. TCP/IP Connection Type: Manual
    2. IP Address: (perftemp.tamu.edu) - note this is for Academic building only, excluding lab 404, classroom 402A, and studio 402CG
    3. Subnet mask: - note this is for Academic building only, excluding lab 404, classroom 402A, and studio 402CG
    4. Router:
    5. DNS Hosts: and
  3. Create an admin account with the following information:
    1. Name: josquin
    2. Short Name: josquin
    3. Password/Verify: [get this from the supervisor]
    4. Password Hint: ACCESS DENIED. This incident has been reported.
  4. Run Software Update and install all updates. Reboot and repeat this step until Software Update reports that no more updates are needed.
  5. Run System Preferences. In the Accounts preference pane, click Login Options. Uncheck “Automatically log in as:”, and set “Display login window as:” to “Name and password”.
  6. In the Sharing preference pane, change the Computer Name to “perftemp”.
  7. Check the Apple Remote Desktop service.
  8. In the window that appears, check josquin and all check boxes under “Allow user to do the following…”, except leave “Observe” unchecked on faculty machines. NOTE: for lab, studio, or student worker machines, do check all boxes, and ignore the next step (this will be included in a separate howto later).
  9. Check “Guests may request permission to control screen”.
  10. Enter the following information in the “Computer Information” section, then click OK:
    1. UserOrFunction
    2. Room&Building
    3. Phone
    4. MacModel
  11. In the Sharing window, leave “Show status in menu bar” unchecked.
  12. Start the firewall.
    1. In the Firewall tab, click Advanced and check the box to Enable Firewall Logging.
  13. In the Energy Saver preference pane, set the following values:
    1. Put the computer to sleep when it is inactive for: 1 hr
    2. Put the display to sleep when the computer is inactive for: 15 min
    3. Check “Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible
    4. Click the Schedule… Check Start up or wake and set it to Weekdays at 6:00 A.M.
    5. Check Shut down and set it to Every Day at 7:00 P.M. Click OK.
  14. In the Security preference pane, check the following:
    1. Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver
    2. Disable automatic login
    3. Log out after 60 minutes of inactvity
    4. Use secure virtual memory
    5. Disable remote control infrared receiver (if applicable)
    6. Require password to unlock each secure item
  15. On machines with Bluetooth:
    1. Turn Bluetooth power off and turn all Bluetooth sharing off.
    2. In the Network preference pane, Show Network Port Configurations and uncheck Bluetooth and Airport.
  16. On desktops with Airport, in the Network preference pane, Show Network Port Configurations and uncheck Airport.
  17. Change the desktop picture to solid red. ( You can use the file at //perfmcl00/Users/PERFtech files/red.png .)
  18. Install drivers for Xerox Phaser 5500DN and HP Laserjet 8150.
  19. Add Music Computer Lab Printer and Music Office Printer (make the latter default).
    1. Note: for lab workstations, do not add Music Office Printer.
  20. Test printing to all printers.
  21. In Finder, change the system disk’s name to “Local Disk” (click the icon to highlight it, then click the name to edit it).
  22. Remove Office Test Drive and other demo software.
  23. Install all standard applications.
  24. Install Apple Remote Desktop Client version 3.x from the PERFtech share.
  25. Run Adobe Reader, and in Properties->Internet, uncheck “Display PDF in browser…” and “Check browser settings…”.
  26. Run and close all other applications.
  27. At a terminal prompt, enter chmod -R 777 /Applications/Microsoft\ Office\ 2004/
  28. Run Login Window Manager, enter the CLLA Login Agreement text, and set the font size to 10pt.
  29. Delete all files from the desktop, etc. (including LoginWindow Manager).
  30. Test the user template by logging in with your domain user credentials, ensuring that your home and share volumes mount, the dock is configured as you meant it, and applications (especially Office applications) run properly.
  31. Log out and back in as the local admin, and type the following in Terminal to remove your local home folder:

sudo rm -Rf /Domain/clla.ad.tamu.edu/Users/*

  1. In Terminal, enter: sudo /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb and enter the local admin password when prompted.
  2. Run /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility and repair disk permissions.
  3. Empty trash, clear all Recent Items menus (under the Apple menu) and log out.
  4. Reboot into transfer mode and make an image, e.g., with Carbon Copy Cloner.

NOTE: For lab image, install ProTools, MaxMSP, Peak, Audacity, SoundHack, Frequency, etc., and configure for NetID login.

  1. Run /Applications/Microsoft AutoUpdate
  2. Create or update IP record in NIM.
  3. Create or update domain object.
  4. Create user domain account if necessary.

On the new workstation:

  1. Boot the new workstation.
  2. Change the following to unique values:
    1. IP (and related information if user is not in ACAD), and
    2. Computer name and related information in System PreferencesSharingApple Remote Desktop.
      1. NOTE: If the user is full time faculty or staff, also uncheck the Observe option.
  3. Run Software Update (under the Apple menu) and reboot, repeating until no more updates are needed.
  4. If the user has a dedicated printer, download and install its drivers, and add it to the Printer List (set it as default).
  5. If the user is in Blocker, uncheck the Music printers and check the Theatre Office printer in System PreferencesPrint & Fax.
  6. Insert a video DVD and when asked, set the drive to Region 1. If you are not asked, and the video begins playing, then skip this step.

With the user:

  1. Move and set up hardware in user’s office.
  2. Have user login to his or her domain account (user should be asked to change password if this is a new account).
  3. Configure Entourage if user is switching to or already using it. Otherwise, help the user set up their preferred mail client.
  4. Assist the user in moving his or her files to the network home folder.
  5. Offer any other assistance in the transition.
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