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Set up CLLA Exchange mail in Entourage (OS X)

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In Admin console (run with admin credentials):

  1. Create a new user if needed (Action->New->User).
  2. Highlight the user, and click the Actions menu->Exchange Tasks.
  3. In the Exchange Task Wizard, select Create Mailbox.
  4. Set Server to TAMU-Exchange/CLLA/MPD , mailbox store to MPD, and finish the Wizard.
  5. Leave the box at the bottom of the Email Addresses tab ("Automatically update e-mail addresses") Checked, and click OK.
  6. Within a few minutes, the account's E-mail Addresses tab should be automatically filled with three entries:
      • X400 c=US; a= ;p=TAMU-EXchange...
      • SMTP username@dsmail.tamu.edu
      • SMTP username@libarts.tamu.edu
    • After a few minutes, re-open the account's properties, and check to see if all addresses have been added to the E-mail Addresses tab. If it hasn't happened yet, close the properties window, wait more, and try again.
  7. When the account's E-mail Addresses tab has all addresses automatically added, manually add a new SMTP address of username@tamu.edu, and set it as primary (it should appear bold).
  8. Uncheck the box next to "Automatically update e-mail addresses," and click OK.

In Neo: NOTE: This section is deprecated until CIS restores the proxy directory editing feature. JM

  1. Open http://gateway.tamu.edu in a web browser.
  2. Click Edit Directory (under NetID Account Management).
  3. Have the user log in with their NetID credentials.
  4. Set the …@tamu.edu and …@neo.tamu.edu mail to be forwarded to …@libarts.tamu.edu (click Edit next to each entry, then Save the changes.)
  5. Enter morris in the proxies field. (This will allow Jeff Morris to view this screen only, per Brad Goodman’s instructions.) Note: this feature may not have been implemented by CIS yet, as it was in the old interface. Remove this note when the feature is added.-JM

In Entourage:

  1. The Entourage Setup Assistant will run if Entourage has not been used before. Follow the directions to import mail from another mail client, if desired.
  2. Under the Entourage menu, select Account Settings…
  3. Click to create a New Exchange Mail account, and follow the prompts. Check the following settings (but they should be detected automatically):
    1. E-mail address: ...@tamu.edu
    2. Domain: clla.ad.tamu.edu
    3. Exchange server: https://libarts.tamu.edu/exchange
    4. LDAP server: delirium
    5. Enable SSL
  4. Complete the wizard, following the prompts.
  5. In the Exchange account, recreate the folder structure of the Neo account manually (highlight the account, then select File menu->New->Folder), and drag messages from the Neo account into corresponding folders in the Exchange account. (Wait a few seconds after selecting all messages in a folder (cmd+a), to be sure all messages are loaded and selected.)
  6. When the contents of the Exchange account are identical to those of the Neo account, delete the Neo account from Entourage (Entourage menu->Account Settings… then select the Neo account and click Delete).
  7. Test the Exchange account by sending a message from it and sending one to it.
  8. Demonstrate the CLLA web client to the user ( http://clla.tamu.edu/mail or https://libarts.tamu.edu/exchange ), and show the user how to change his/her password (there is a link on the login page).

In Apple Mail, use Incoming & Outgoing Mail Server: mpd.clla.ad.tamu.edu. For sending, use mpd.clla.ad.tamu.edu with no SSL.

To add TAMU LDAP directory access in Entourage (Optional; this allows the user to look up addresses in the campus directory):

  1. In Account Settings (under the Entourage menu), create a new Directory Service.
  2. Click Configure Account Manually, and enter the following information:
    1. Account name: TAMU LDAP Server
    2. LDAP Server: operator.tamu.edu
    3. Search base (on Options tab): ou=People,dc=tamu,dc=edu
  3. Click OK.
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